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BG2023 "A Valley to Remember"

Fireworks start on January 30, 2023 (over the frozen lake or leased land)

BG2023 Classic Car Show February 14, 2023. (Trailer cars with 4/4 jeeps in parade from starting at the "old Barn Bar" to Beury's Grove to the church then right to Kimmel's then back to the old Barn Bar for an out door burn/beer party with City Chicken, burned baked potatoes, and homemade Florida Orange Juice Ice Cream.

BG2023 Outdoor Polka Party at Mary's Memory Walk; RV's with Memory Photos and newspaper clippings. Bring your own Food and Drinks. Outdoor chairs under tent. (volunteers needed to set up and snow removal for the dance floor & tent)

BG2023 Zerby Airport fly over advertising of BG2023; ticket sales for the July celebration go on sale to the general public; homemade apple dumpling with each week pass purchased. Volunteer meetings each weekend of March. Starting in March 2015 organizational meetings at the Memory Park - Whocareshalloffame headquarters. (Ground breaking on March 30, 2015 with scale model of Memory Park; garden, park, facilities and library. (Location may have to move to corner at Swanson's old barn if zoning requires commercial site for Private Property Library (whocareshalloffame) BG2023 Library.

All details subject to Mission Statement, funding sources etc.

Sponsors for the BG2023 events will announced July 4, 2015 at the BG2023 Memory Park.

Per Wikipedia: Beury’s Lake is only 0.4 square miles in size and has only 58 homes whereas Lake Wynonah is 0.3 square miles of water   Could Barry Township declare Beury’s Lake as a fire protection resource and therefore cannot be allowed to be a gated community?  If we are cash limited the BG2023 organization will have formulate a 5 year plan of action to construct Chester’s Penny Arcade along Beury’s Road.  It may be necessary to purchase Kimmel’s commercial building or investigate the former gasoline station at the corner of Beury’s Road and New 901 to see if the township would allow a gasoline station at that location. We will need to work on locating and collecting the exact machines for the historic Beury’s Grove Penny Arcade.  Purchasing the land for the Penny Arcade may be feasible but providing insurance on the machines could be difficult and expensive.  It will therefore be necessary to propose a Fire Station with at least one tanker truck with the understanding the attached Penny Arcade is to fund the Fire Station while the Penny Arcade gets people interested in the reconstruction of Beury’s Grove Amusement Park.  A community meeting room within the Fire Station will also allow the non profit organization to evolve. It may be feasible for Mt. Pleasant/Buck Run fire station to have an annex fire station and have that non profit organization run the 50/50 tickets promoting BG2023.  It is likely a video on the internet will be necessary to get as many people helping as possible.  When the website is up and running a radio announcement and billboard will be needed.